Kitamba works with those who share our goal of a high-quality public education for all children and our belief in equity, access, and continuous improvement.



We partner with communities and believe that great schools can change lives.

We identify the strengths of a community and local priorities while bringing national experience to our work.

Each city or organization we work with has a shared belief that they can do better in meeting the needs of students, educators, and families.



Great schools require many to work collectively.

By rolling up our sleeves and collaborating with those closest to students, we believe we can help bring the promise of a high-quality public education to all children.



We believe public institutions can and should be more responsive to students, families, and communities.

Public education systems, specifically those serving our most vulnerable children, have made promises to children and families that have gone unfulfilled for generations.

Declining budgets, duplicative processes, and inflexible bureaucracies drain resources and attention away from schools and the students and families they serve.



We play a variety of roles:


Members of the Public Education Community

As former educators and practitioners, and members of the public education community, we approach our work with a deep belief that there is wisdom in the room.

Problem Solvers

We work hand-in-hand with our partners to understand the root cause of a challenge and then act as a partner to design comprehensive, locally-driven solutions.

Project Managers

Execution and implementation are at the heart of the work we do. We help partners make daily progress on solutions that maximize the potential to deliver opportunities to students.