We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver results across a broad spectrum of education areas, here are some of the services we provide:


We support leaders in identifying opportunities and addressing challenges by facilitating the development and implementation of strategic and change management initiatives. We take a data and research-based approach, focusing our efforts to drive the greatest improvements in organizational performance. 

Ed Tech Investing & Product Support

Kitamba partners with entrepreneurs and organizations seeking expertise, development support, and funding for innovative education products and solutions.

Business Development

We support education companies in identifying and capturing market opportunities. Competitive analysis, customer research, and a deep understanding of the policy landscape inform product development, IP commercialization, and market entry efforts. 

Financial Innovation

We support school districts’ transitions to “variable cost organizations” by providing consulting services and tools to create accurate long term budget forecasts and to identify efficiencies for strategic resource allocation so that more dollars flow to classrooms.

Facilities Innovation

We work with schools, local communities, and city agencies to identify facilities options for schools and to create innovative vehicles that leverage un-utilized facilities for community redevelopment, revitalization, and incremental revenue.

Unified Enrollment

We support districts in the planning, launch, and implementation of Unified Enrollment systems, including: technology vendor contracting and management; communications campaign planning and management; policy design and stakeholder engagement; and strategic planning for long-term UE system sustainability.

Portfolio District Strategy

We work with districts to plan and implement a portfolio of schools approach. This includes the development and facilitation of cross-functional working groups that together design a portfolio management approach focused on simply and fairly holding schools accountable for results, providing supports, and generating community buy-in.

New org launch

We provide a full suite of services to plan and launch “Harbormaster” community organizations focused on improving educational outcomes from pre-k to post college. This may include initial strategic design and incorporation, fundraising, back-office functions, hiring, and more.

District Data Audit and Process Reengineering

We work with districts to streamline data sources and collections and to provide training materials including data-entry manuals and process maps to enhance data accuracy and put districts on the path to more strategic use of data.

Data Innovation

We work with schools, districts, states, and philanthropies to develop innovative approaches to using data to drive reform including improving and enhancing collection methods, creating dynamic interfaces to display data, and developing "toolkits" and seminars to provide coherent and clear guidance on how to use data to get results.